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December, 1st, 2015

Rep. Grant Hodges Endorses Trent Garner

El Dorado, AR – Trent Garner today released the following from State Representative Grant Hodges of District 96:

“I am thrilled that Trent Garner is stepping up and offering to serve the State of Arkansas in the Senate. I know Trent to be a committed conservative who will fight for District 27 in Little Rock each and every day. A Green Beret and veteran of Afghanistan, he will be a voice for our military men and women, as well as a strong national defense.

When I announced my candidacy for the Arkansas House of Representatives, I campaigned as a new generation conservative and took my message to the voters. I believe the people of District 27 are ready to end the politics-as-usual and the good-old-boy system, and Trent offers them a bold change of direction.

The successes we have seen in our state, from lowering the tax burden on hardworking families by $100 million and balancing the budget with a surplus to reforming education and promoting our 2nd Amendment and pro-life values, these can only move forward if we elect true conservative leaders who will step up and make the tough votes. I look forward to working with Senator Trent Garner to make Arkansas the best place in the country to live, work, and raise a family.” State Representative Grant Hodges.

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