On the Issues


On the Issues

Trent Garner stands firm on the issues that matter to you!

Economic Growth

A new direction for District 27 starts with the most important issue; creating jobs. We have to grow the economy so that the people of Arkansas can find good paying jobs. We need to foster an environment where small businesses can flourish. We can use our God-given natural resources of the district such as timber, oil, and lignite to grow our economy. Our district can become the top defense industry leader in the nation.

As your next state senator, I will be the right leader to apply free-market, conservative principles to create economic growth in the district.

Conservative Government

We have got to stop spending money we do not have on programs that just do not work. When I am elected, I will support smaller government that gets rid of waste and fraud, will put more power in the hands of the people of Arkansas, and will create economic growth. This includes replacing the Private Option, aka “the Obamacare of Arkansas.”

We have to reduce our tax burden to make us competitive with other states when attracting new businesses in the district.


As a son of a kindergarten teacher, I know how important education is to the people of Arkansas. We have a duty to support our hardworking teachers. We have an opportunity to give a better education to our children. Our district is fortunate to have two great public community colleges in Southern Arkansas University Tech and South Arkansas Community College, and I will do everything I can to support these colleges.

Individual Rights

As a lifetime member of NRA, a former weapon sergeant in Special Forces and an avid sportsman, I am a strong supporter of the right to bear arms. I will lead the fight to protect our gun rights in Little Rock.

I am a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage Christian that will vote to secure individual rights. This includes defunding Planned Parenthood and sponsoring laws to protect the lives of the most innocent Arkansans.