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Proven Leadership

Every single day, I go to work for YOU, the hardworking people of south Arkansas.  And when I fight for you and your loved ones, I deliver RESULTS!  

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Securing PPE

He Fought for Those on the Front Lines of the Pandemic

Nurses, EMTs, and nursing home workers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep our families health. Trent led the way to secure critical PPE and for bonus pay to ensure our healthcare system would stay strong when Arkansans need it the most.


He Helped Arkansans Who Were Hurting

Thousands of Arkansans lost their jobs when the pandemic started.  Many of them neededunemployment benefits to survive.  When payments to  Arkansans were delayed, Trent demanded answers and held government officials accountable until the problem was fixed, getting checks to hurting Arkansans.


He Made Sure Every Student  Had Access to Highspeed Broadband

Trent fought for funding for broadband internet before the pandemic.  In the Senate, he secured millions of dollars for rural broadband internet for South Arkansas. 


He Secured Vital Protective Equipment Money for Small Businesses

Trent knows that small businesses are the lifeblood of Arkansas. That's why he  has worked hard to secure over  $100 million for  small businesses to buy the protective equipment they need to safely


Proven Leadership When It Matters Most

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Serving my country. Serving my state. Serving my neighbors.

Trent Garner was elected in 2016 to represent Arkansas' 27th district in the State Senate.  A 6th generation Arkansan raised in Ouachita County, Trent  learned about service to others at a young age from his parents. Trent’s mother was a kindergarten teacher who spent money out of her paycheck to buy supplies for her students. Trent’s dad, a full-time Arkansas National Guard soldier, would serve his community during storms and tornadoes by providing on-the-ground assistance to his neighbors.   

His parent’s duty to serve made a strong impression on Trent. While in high school, Trent joined the Arkansas National Guard. Motivated by a desire to serve and defend our country after the tragic attacks on September 11th, Trent trained for two years to become a Special Forces Green Beret. He served two tours in Afghanistan with 3rd Special Forces Group. During his second tour of duty, Trent fought in “Operation Medusa,” one of the largest and most successful combat operations during the war in Afghanistan. Trent was awarded the Bronze Star with V device, Combat Infantry Badge and Special Forces Tab.

Trent returned from his tour of duty and completed his education graduating magna cum laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a major in Political

Science and minor in Business. He also holds a Juris Doctor and Master in Arts in Political Science from the University of Arkansas School of Law. Upon graduation, Trent served the people of south Arkansas as a representative for US Senator Tom Cotton, and then was elected to represent them as a State Senator in 2016. 

During his time in the Senate, Trent lowered taxes for hardworking taxpayers and businesses, helped create thousands of new jobs in south Arkansas, and increased funding for education. Trent’s efforts have led to record-low unemployment in Arkansas and a nearly $300 million budget surplus.

As a veteran, Trent made it a priority to lead the way on improving the lives of veterans in Arkansas. He eliminated the veterans’ retirement income tax, which means our veterans will keep every dollar they earn for their military service. He created a study to help combat veteran’s suicide rates in Arkansas. 

Trent is a lifetime member of the NRA, and a member of the Union County Republican Committee, the Union County American Legion. He is a member of Immanuel Baptist Church of El Dorado. Trent and his wife, Kelly, live in El Dorado with their children, Lincoln and Delta.

Proven Leadership for South Arkansas

Trent Garner Lifelong Arkansan

Life Long Arkansan

Trent is a 6th generation Arkansan raised in Ouachita County.  His parents instilled in him the importance of hard work, humility and serving others.

Trent Garner Husband and Father

Husband and Father

Trent and Kelly live in El Dorado, where they raise their children, Lincoln and Delta. The family attends Immanuel Baptist Church.

Trent Garner Veteran

Trent served two tours in Afghanistan with 3rd Special Forces Group as a Green Beret.  His military decorations include Bronze Star with V device, Combat Infantry Badge, and Special Forces Tab.

Trent Garner State Senator
Your Senator

Trent was elected in 2016 to represent south Arkansas.  He is chairman of Legislative Joint Auditing-State Agencies, Vice-Chair of State Agencies and Government Affairs, and a member of Revenue and Tax Committee.


Delivering Results

When the  COVID19 virus was unleased by China and the world turned upside-down, Trent fought to get South Arkansas the resources we needed.  Garner worked to secure PPE, fix the unemployment system, get broadband to our schools and funding for loans to small businesses.  

Decorated VETERAN

Proven Leadership Getting Results for South Arkansas

I am excited to run for another term in the Arkansas State Senate. As a former Special Forces Green Beret, I had the privilege of serving my country. Now, I am humbled that I am able to continue to serve the people of Arkansas.

I have worked to make government more efficient, effective and accountable. I have shown a record of proven leadership in areas that impact all Arkansans.

When I was elected in 2016, I made a promise to work with Governor Asa Hutchinson and other legislators to create a better economy. Arkansas is currently experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in state history.

I promised to put more money back into your pocket. Under my leadership, we have cut taxes for all Arkansans, causing tens of millions of dollars to be returned to the people of Arkansas.

As a son of a school teacher, I know how important our teachers are to our state. I helped pass a law that would increase teachers' pay by thousands of dollars.

I’m a combat veteran, and I know we have a duty to serve those who served us. I fought for our veterans by eliminating the veterans' retirement income tax and and make it easier for veterans to find jobs after their service to our country.

I have a record of proven leadership.  Please join my re-election team today and let’s work together to build on the success we have in Arkansas!  

Senator Trent Garner with Union Co. 4-H
Trent Garner with U.S. Senator Tom Cotton
Trent Garner with Governor Asa Hutchinson
Trent Garner wth El Dorado Boy Scout Troup

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